Expert Systems Inc.
Expert Systems Inc. - Database Technologies
"If you can describe it, we can program it."
Expert Systems Inc.
Expert Systems Inc. - Database Technologies
"If you can describe it, we can program it."

Software Services

Microsoft Access

Visual Studio Net

MS SQL Server

Microsoft Access Programming, Consulting and Support Services
  • For local area networks we specialize in the Microsoft Access Database Development System. (All Versions)
  • We create professional solutions using Microsoft Access and VBA - Visual Basic for Applications.
  • We have experience in converting old or overly complicated Excel spreadsheets to Microsoft Access Applications.
  • Software System Analysis, Design and Systems Specifications


Visual Studio
  • For internet applications we specialize in the Microsoft Visual Studio Net Development System.
  • The Tool Set Here includes ASP.Net, ADO.NET, VB.Net, VBScript, CSS, HTML, Javascript.
  • We specialize in creating powerful, easy-to-use custom ASP.Net Application Solutions.
  • We have experience in converting Access applications to ASP.Net 1.0, 2.0 & 3.5
  • We provide Programming, Installation, Configuration and Support Services.
Custom Microsoft Application Software Solutions
MS SQL Server Programming, Consulting and Support Services
  • For internet backend database development we specialize in MS SQL Server database 2005.
  • We can help you design your Database Diagrams, Tables, Views, Stored Procedures and Functions to help optimize your applications.
  • We have experience converting Microsoft Access Databases To Microsoft SQL Server.
  • Remote Administration, Maintenance and Support


Software Guarantee

  • Our business is to keep your information systems up and running.
  • Our commitment to the latest software development technology puts you a step ahead of your competition.
  • We offer free estimates and hourly consulting services to help you find the right solutions to your software challenges.
  • Our Software Support Experts are here to help you make things go right.
  • We are happy to assist clients with existing databases.
  • Whether creating new reports or queries; or modifying existing form/table design, you can expect the same expert service as if we were developing your application from scratch.
We Guarantees our Custom Software to be error free. We do not charge for bug fixes. A bug is defined as a programming error in source code that has been written or modified by us that causes the program to malfunction, terminate, bomb, crash, lock up and/or return to the operating system. If a problem is found to be due to a bug in our program source code syntax or logic, the problem will be corrected immediately at no charge. If the problem is due to a system configuration or network error and not an error in our source code, it will be corrected immediately but our regular rates will apply. We are also not responsible for errors generated by your in house modifications but we will fix them.